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When buying your racquet, you select several parameters to affect your play such as weight, balance, inertia, stiffness, size, the number of mains that will each have an impact on power, control, spins, comfort and maneuverability.

We can prepare your framework for more power, control, comfort, maneuverability by acting on the weight, balance and swingweight.

Did you know?

Racquet brands have a tolerance of 5% on building frames.

The frame may have a weight and a different balance of what is written.

Upon purchase of two identical frames, you have mostly unwittingly and a weight, a swingweight and a different balance.

What can we do ?

1. Offer the same characteristics for two identical frames

For the purchase of two or more identical frames, we can prepare your frames to have the same characteristics (weight, inertia, balance)

2. Customize your frame

We work on your framework if you want more power, control, maneuverability and comfort.

We are equipped with a Prince Tuning Center to measure balance, mass and inertia of your racquet. We work directly on the settings you want on your frame.

You can contact our customer service for more information and quote request.

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