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Founded in 1960 by Howard Head, who gave it its name, the brand first made a name for itself with its aluminium rackets. Since then, the Austrian firm has continued to develop products at the cutting edge of technology in tennis, but also in skiing, squash and padel. The brand has thus been able to offer high-performance and accessible rackets for all levels of play. Many professional players play or used to play with Head products such as André Agassi, Thomas Muster, Maria Sharapova, Alexander Zverev, Novak Djokovic, Richard Gasquet etc… Head also offers many junior products for the young competitors and champions of tomorrow !

different ranges of Head brand tennis rackets

Head rackets

To each his own style of playing, to each his own racket ! Head offers a wide range of tennis rackets to cover all the needs of players, whatever their playing style and skills. The Speed collection played by Novak Djokovic offers polyvalence and speed of play. The Gravity racquets played by Sascha Zverev and Ashleigh Barty provide excellent tolerance and control. The Prestige collection, played by Gilles Simon and Marin Cilic, offers control and touch. The famous Radical rackets of Murray and Agassi offer excellent versatility and touch. You’ll find more spin and power with the Extreme collection from Gasquet and Berrettini. For easy power and comfort, choose the Boom rackets.

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Head Graphene 360+ tennis racket

Graphene 360+ Technology

Head rackets designed for competition are based on a cutting-edge material : Graphene. Head has evolved its use in its rackets frames to get the best out of it through each generation. The latest technology, Graphene 360+, is featured in the most recent ranges. The Graphene is distributed around the frame at 360° for a better transfer of energy from the racket to the ball and a better distribution of mass to gain manoeuvrability and power. The “+” is the addition of Spiralfiber sections. These are twisted fibers placed in the shoulder area of the frame to give it more flexibility while improving the feel of the ball. Head racquets have never been so stable and comfortable!

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Head Extreme tennis racket

Head Extreme Racket

Head Extreme rackets are designed to provide maximum spin and power. Thanks to the open string pattern and enlarged grommets, the string “moves” more easily and generates more spin on the ball. Its thick profile and high rigidity will give you explosive power. Keep your opponents back with the Head Extreme range of rackets designed especially for lifters.

It is represented on the Tour by Richard Gasquet, Mattéo Berrettini and Jan-Lennard Struff.

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Head Boom tennis rackets

Head Boom racket

The new Head Boom range of rackets is designed for a wide range of players. The models are tolerant, very manoeuvrable and comfortable. Head Boom rackets are focused on power and comfort. The new Boom features Auxetic technology for more sensations !

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Head Speed ​​tennis racket

Head Speed rackets

The Head Speed Graphene 360+ racket range is designed for players seeking for the best compromise between power, control and comfort. Play with a Head Speed racket like Coco Gauff or Novak Djokovic. With Graphene 360+ technology, reduce vibrations during impact and discover a new sensation of striking ! Find the Speed that suits your game best from the Pro, MP, S and Lite models. Its white aesthetic gives a classy and elegant look that you can match with Head’s luggage.

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Head Radical ​​tennis rackets

Head Radical Racket

The Radical is designed for the all-round player looking for control and game feeling. They are played by many professional players including Diego Schwartzman, Sloane Stephens, Taylor Fritz… These frames will give you the perfect compromise between control, power and feel. Its flashy orange design brings a fun side to the court.

Using the latest technology, Head has designed a frame that is so innovative, modern and versatile, that all shots will be allowed.

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Head Gravity ​​tennis racket

Head Gravity racket

With the Gravity range of tennis rackets, Head offers a new approach to frame design ! Gravity is designed to provide maximum control and forgiveness with an extended SweetSpot and great flexibility. Drop your shots 100% and stay on the court in comfort with Head Gravity rackets ! The Flip Flop look is sure to be a hit on the court !

Played by Alexander Zverev and Ashleigh Barty.

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Head Prestige ​​tennis racket

Head Prestige Rackets

The Prestige has been developed to provide maximum control and precision to your game. They are designed for powerful players with a heavy hit, either flat or covered, to control your power. The weight of these rackets is relatively heavy and their heads are rather small. A good level of technique is required to exploit this range of racquets. Marin Cilic chose the Prestige racket to match his aggressive style of play.

The racquet’s design features a red and burgundy paintjob and a full head cover.

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Head Lynx, Head Lynx Edge and Head Hawk Touch strings

Head Strings

Head rackets are sometimes strung as standard, but from a certain weight onwards, your racquet will be sold unstrung. As the brand does things well, it offers a wide range of strings that will fit perfectly into your frame.

The Head string family is segmented for greater clarity. The Sonic Pro strings are monofilament strings that offer maximum power, while the Hawk strings provide ultimate control. The Lynx range is very versatile. The Gravity hybrid brings maximum spin to your game.

The multifilaments offer a great deal of variety as well. The Head Rip Control string will offer you spin and control. The Head Reflex string will give you maximum touch. Finally, the Velocity strings will always offer you more power.

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Head tennis shoes

Head tennis shoes

Head has developed several lines of men’s tennis shoes, each suited to a different style of play. If you’re looking for speed, choose the Head Sprint Pro or Team tennis shoes, which offer great dynamics while ensuring your comfort. If you prefer stability, we recommend the Head Revolt Pro range, which also offers good comfort and excellent dynamism.

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Head apparel

Head apparel

Head has created a range of textiles specially designed for the practice of tennis, taking into account the specific movements required by this sport. The material used promotes the evacuation of perspiration and the seams have been studied so as not to hinder the player during specific movements. On our website, you will find Head textiles for men, women and children, suitable for playing tennis.

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Head tennis thermobag

Head bags

You will find different ranges of Head tennis bags to match your Head tennis racket.

Whether it’s the Novak Djokovic tennis bag, Gravity bag, Radical Bag, Head Tour Team Bag, Head Backpacks, or kids tennis bags. You will find the perfect Head bag for you on our website.

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Head Tour tennis balls

Head balls

Head balls are used by many professional tournaments. The Head Tour range of balls offers great liveliness while the Head Tour XT ball is a little softer to offer more control, comfort and feel. The Head Pro ball offers good liveliness, but less durability than the Head Tour.

You will also find Head Trainer pressureless balls that offer unmatched durability. For young children, foam balls and green, orange and red balls are of course also available.

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Head accessories

Head accessories

Head proposes many accessories such as grips and overgrips which allow to preserve optimal sensations of play. There are also handle enlargements that allow the size of the grip to be changed using a shell system. It is the only brand to have interchangeable shells. Protect your racket with the protective strips, but also with the grommets that you can change if yours are worn out. You can use the Head marker to personalise the stringing of your racket or put an dampener on it to reduce bad string vibrations.

Head Padel

Head Padel

The Head brand has specialised in Padel with exceptional products. Head Padel rackets are available in several ranges to cover all types of play. Padel balls are played in the biggest tournaments including the World Padel Tour. Finally, you will have the choice between sober or stylish bags to carry your rackets.

Head Padel Rackets

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