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The American sports equipment manufacturer

Wilson is an American brand based in Chicago that sponsors many professional players such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams and numerous others. Partner of two Grand Slam tournaments: Roland Garros and the US Open, Wilson offers a complete range of tennis equipment.

tennis rackets of the different ranges of the Wilson brand

Wilson tennis rackets

The Wilson range consists of 5 lines of competition rackets :

The legendary Pro Staff family of Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Grigor Dimitrov… brings control, stability and feel of the ball. They are aimed at players who play offensive tennis, directed towards the net.

Also widely played on the tour, the Blade range of Serena Williams, Stefanos Tsitsipas or David Goffin will allow you to combine precision and sensations of striking with an additional power compared to the Pro Staff.

The Ultra and Burn ranges will offer access to power with more spin for the Burn rackets. The Ultra will be comfortable and tolerant.

Finally, the new Wilson Clash rackets will provide club players with excellent playability, controlled power and feel.

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Wilson Blade tennis racket

Wilson Blade rackets

The Wilson Blade rackets range is the most played on the Tour because it provides maximum feel and control when striking. The softness of the racket allows you to feel the impact and intensity of the ball. It gives the aggressive baseline player a desire to attack every point. The range offers a variety of weights, headsize and string patterns to suit a wide range of players.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, Serena Williams, Milos Raonic, Simona Halep have all adopted the Wilson Blade to accompany them on court.

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Wilson Pro Staff 97 tennis rackets

Wilson Pro Staff rackets

The Pro Staff range is designed for strikers who like to take the net in their stride. It provides maximum stability on the shot and above all incredible accuracy on all your shots. Are you a power player who likes to hit the net ? Do you need accuracy and touch? Then the Pro Staff range is perfect for your game.

Featuring a bronze iridescent design with brown highlights in its V14 version, the Pro Staff series offers improved accuracy while retaining the classic feel enjoyed by players around the world, including Roger Federer. The key element is double braided fibres set at 45 degree angles that provide exceptional feel and stability on contact with the ball.

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Wilson Clash tennis racket

Wilson Clash rackets

A racket for the modern player has arrived. Featuring an exclusive carbon construction and unique frame geometry, the Clash has a completely revolutionary frame that bends into all-new dimensions while maintaining unmatched stability in its category, resulting in a racket that inspires unparalleled confidence and offers outstanding accuracy for an unprecedented playing experience.

The Wilson Clash is designed for the versatile player looking for the ultimate touch and comfort. It provides excellent versatility between control, touch and power. Are you a versatile player who likes a soft feel ? Then this range of Clash rackets will delight you.

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Wilson Ultra 100, 100L, 100UL and 108 tennis rackets

Wilson Ultra rackets

The Wilson Ultra range is aimed at players looking for optimum power. It provides a very high ball speed allowing to put winning points more easily from any place of the court. Are you a player with a power deficit ? Would you like to have more speed and impact in your game ? Then the Ultra range is for you!

Many professional players have adopted the Wilson Ultra racket including Borna Coric, Kei Nishikori, Victoria Azarenka and Kristina Mladenovic.

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Wilson Burn tennis rackets

Wilson Burn rackets

Designed for optimal performance from the baseline, the Burn enhances powerful shots with a unique string pattern that provides excellent ball rotation upon impact. This line features an all-new design that affirms the spirited nature of this franchise.

The Burn range is designed for players looking for maximum power and spin. It brings maximum ball weighting to your game. Are you a player who likes to lift and make the opponent back up with balls that pop ? Then the Wilson Burn racket range is for you.

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The Wilson Shift range is designed for aggressive players who like to topspin and put their opponents on their heels. Its unique design allows you to get more height on your balls, gain depth and also find better angles.

Are you an aggressive baseline player who likes to topspin? Do you need a racket that provides spin while maintaining the perfect balance between power and control? Then the Shift range is made for you!

Arc 3D technology allows the racquet to have soft vertical stiffness to deliver maximum spin on the ball, as well as high horizontal stiffness to maximize power.

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player holding Wilson tennis racket

Wilson strings

Wilson strings cover the main needs of players with monofilament, multifilament, synthetic gut as well as gut. Revolve is a very versatile string that has been developed into Revolve Spin for increased spin. Sensation is a multifilament that has been a reference for many years. Finally, the Natural Gut provides a very high level of comfort.

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Wilson Ultra 15 racket tennis bag

Wilson bags

You will find many Wilson bags on our site, including the Roger Federer specific range. More commonly, you will find the Super Tour, Tour and Team ranges and Wilson specific ranges such as the Blade and Ultra.

Wilson tennis bags are quite well designed and will allow you to match your bag to your racket. There are various compartments to store your rackets, accessories such as keys and overgrips. Small pockets allow you to store small items. The Thermoguard technology will protect your rackets from extreme heat.

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Wilson Roland Garros tennis balls

Wilson tennis balls

The Wilson tennis ball is the official ball of two Grand Slam tournaments: the US Open since 1978 and Roland Garros more recently. At Wilson, you will find the official Wilson US Open ball, a top of the range ball thanks to its Tex Tech felt which gives it excellent resistance on all tennis courts. The Wilson Tour Premier ball replaces the old Wilson Australian Open ball tube. The Triniti ball is a brand new type of ball that improves durability while the Wilson Roland Garros ball is the official ball of the Paris Grand Slam. It is a heavier ball than its siblings, allowing you to gain more control on every shot.

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Wilson tennis jacket

Wilson clothing

The American company sponsors many players on the secondary circuit. Find t-shirts, shorts or sweatshirts to equip yourself.

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Wilson tennis shoes

Wilson shoes

Experience the high performance of Wilson tennis shoes. Whether you’re looking for dynamism or stability, they’ll follow you around the court in style.

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Wilson has used its expertise to create padel rackets that combine high performance with elegant design. There is a range of racquets for every type of game and racquets for all levels. They also offer high performance and durable paddel balls. Finally, you will find modern style padel bags that allow you to carry all your equipment and protect your rackets.

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The tennis players of the Wilson Team

tennis players of the Wilson team
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